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What People Are Saying

Y-Knot-Creations LLC crafted a whole new look for our home by refinishing one of the main walls in our house in Lincrusta. We had noticed the style when we were touring Eva's studio and she maintained such a finish would look great at our house. Boy was she spot on! The entire process exceeded our expectations and now we have a one of a kind wall that just sets off the entire room. I would highly recommended Y-Knot-Creations LLC if you are looking to add special creativity to your home. Please believe me when I say that Eva can turn your dreams into reality!

Eva Gallant did an exceptional job in our main living room. What looked like an ordinary wall was transformed into extraordinary artistry by her meticulous, hard work. We were very impressed by her creation, We could not believe that it was the same space! We are planning on commissioning more projects at our house after witnessing her skills. I definitely recommend Eva and Y-Knot-Creations LLC for any custom projects. You’ll receive brilliant pieces of art. Thank you Eva!

Y-Knot-Creations LLC did a fabulous job creating a faux marble top on our antique buffet. It looks so real and has added much value to the piece. The buffet's veneer had cracked and peeled (it's over 100 years old) and this finish has revitalized it. Easy to work with, Eva is a perfectionist and won't quit until the vision is realized. We highly recommend Eva and Y-Knot-Creations LLC!

I cannot thank Eva enough for the enhancements made to my kitchen cabinets! I saw her work in a neighbor’s home and could not engage her fast enough to see what could be done to my home! She transformed my builder grade cabinets into absolutely beautiful works of art! Her eye for detail, her knack for creating, her ability to see the end result - AMAZING! It was a delight to have her here in our home and I enjoy my "new" kitchen SO much! I especially enjoy the friendship that was made along the way; a truly sweet, sweet, sweet and honest person! Please do not hesitate to call her if you have something you need updated and made to feel beyond new again. You will be stunned with the end result, too 🙂

Eva transformed our cookie cutter cabinets into a custom addition.

Pleased to report that over a year later, the paint is still in its original, durable finish. Eva has a creative eye for color and such attention to detail. Stellar new cabinets for a fraction of the factory cabinetry cost.

Eva is the most delightfully talented and caring person that I have ever met. Her creation for my accent wall is so beautiful that I look to it every day with awe. She took an idea and made it 100 times better. I can't thank her enough.

Excellent effort and quality. Unparalleled attention to the details. Eva knows and loves what she does. The mural painting was amazing. Thank you, Eva.

Our beautiful concrete table came with a chip on the corner and had to either be replaced or repaired. I called Eva from Y-Knot-Creations LLC and she completely restored our table to new! There is no trace of a chip or repair! She is absolutely amazing, we totally recommend this gal!

Eva was commissioned to transform my Kitchen and Master Bedroom/Bathroom. She arrived on time for our appointment and did an in-depth consultation and planning session which was followed by a comprehensive, detailed quote. I accepted the proposal and despite a busy schedule, she fit me in as soon as possible sacrificing time off between projects. On the big day, she showed up with all the proper equipment, scaffolding and materials; she proceeded to magically transform my home.

Prior, I had no idea how much was involved in decorative painting. It requires massive amounts of prep work and cleaning but these efforts pay off. Eva started on the Kitchen first which was laborious and took 5 days alone. The results were incredible...Eva managed to match my marble countertops as a new finish on my old and boring plain wood cabinets and furniture. The walls look like shimmering stone. She then made and finished window curtain boxes with a Moroccan stencil that ties the entire room together.

The Master Bedroom…well, you have too see this to believe it! Eva brought Africa (my home) back to me by creating a full size Bas Relief of an Acacia Tree on my wall, complete with cave paintings of warriors and the animals they were hunting - all stenciled onto a burnt sienna savannah background. I have stained glass windows she created with animals stenciled onto them, and the bedroom furniture has what looks to be a crocodile skin finish on the tops and sides. Amazing and frankly, beyond words.

She then tackled another bedroom, creating a unique bamboo wall finish. There are cave paintings in there, as well that complement the rest of the décor. The large undertaking took 2 weeks with several extra long days. It is all more than worth the expenditure. It is hard to put a price on such quality craftsmanship.

Eva doesn't simply cover walls and furniture with fresh paint; she creates beautiful environments. Every night when I go to bed, I escape to a place that still holds a piece of my heart - and it is all thanks to Eva. She is an artist who turns vision into reality. Her quality of workmanship is beyond measure. Be assured that you will not be disappointed when you let her transform your space. Please look around the website and dream big because she has the skills to make those dreams real! Enjoy!

After my divorce I was stuck with an outdated home. Half painted walls, broken kitchen cabinets and an all around gloomy interior.

Thank god I met Eva Gallant when I did and along came YKC to the rescue! Eva selected a balanced, cheerful and harmonic color scheme for the house. She blended the colors of the exterior decks with the surrounding pines.

YKC provided keen advice on what I should update and invest in while holding in mind my objective to sell the home upon completion of this massive makeover. Her contractors rebuilt the broken kitchen cabinet doors and she glazed all the cabinets in the house.

Kitchen cabinets received a beautiful color match to the oak floors with painted counter tops that fooled even the granite guys into thinking it was exotic and expensive marble. Bathroom cabinets were glazed and a Formica front of the jacuzzi turned out to look like a dark wood grain finish. The jacuzzi received an oyster pearl skim stone to compliment the granite countertop of the vanity.

Eva put a patina finish on the 3 garage doors making them look like copper in the sunlight. All the trim around the maple doors in the house was wood grained from white to match these doors.

To finish things off, Eva sculpted 450 lbs of concrete into a stacked stone fireplace that is the centerpiece of the house. The work she did was beyond substantial. What is extremely remarkable is that she stands behind her work and her impeccable craftsmanship!

Eva makes sure everything is done right. She informed me of the process and cost and explained everything along the way. Going forward I would not hire anyone other than Y-Knot-Creations LLC. I cannot thank you enough, Eva!