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Cabinets, Furniture and Molding

How about those kitchen cabinets that need a facelift or a favorite piece of furniture that is begging for an extended life in order to mesh with a new or refreshed look? Just because something is outdated or no longer matches, does not mean it has to go.

Eva has a solution for you by changing the finish, and by doing so, allow you to keep your affection for these furniture items! Painting your cabinets and furniture with a sophisticated finish or simply matching a new look can not only save money but can also reduce the major inconvenience of tearing apart your house for an extended time and spare you from all of the dust and debris and the disruption of your family routine.

In addition to cabinet and furniture ”make over’s”, Eva also offers an extensive collection of matching moldings that will complement any decorative painting and provide that perfect final touch for new walls. All of her finishes are also available for picture frames.

Techniques included are:

If you cannot find something to your liking in Eva’s extensive portfolio, just as she can do with wall samples, custom samples can be created to suit every taste.

Finished projects: