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Eva Presents Faux Sample in Paris, France

On the evening of August 2, 2008, Eva M. Gallant presented Tomas Bruge of Bofinger Paris with a framed sample of the faux named for the restaurant. Also there was Monsieur Didier, a long time staff member and Eva’s favorite waiter.

In 1864 Bofinger Paris opened its doors and Parisians had their first taste of draught beer. It is Paris’ oldest Brasserie. In 1906, Bofinger moved to its current location in the fashionable Bastille quarter. The architect Legay and the interior decorator Migen achieved a brilliant, vibrant, light and elegant environment that has stood the test of time. The restaurant’s interiors are the work of Alsatian craftsmen and the famous illuminated glass dome cupola ceiling is a masterpiece by Néret and Royer. It is this ceiling that was Eva’s inspiration, matching their dedication and love of craft that is still apparent 100 years later.

Using the colors of the floral motif depicted in the glass; the purple, the green, and the cream come together in a truly wonderful combination. Eva has brought to life the hustle and bustle of one of Paris’ most celebrated brasseries, capturing the romance, joy, and joie de vivre of the Bofinger experience.

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