Art is in the eyes of the beholder and to each, their own perception. With this in mind, one of the greatest challenges a decorative artist faces is to help a client understand how a finished commission will look before it has even begun. Eva Gallant with Y-Knot-Creations, LLC. understands this and her skills and artistry focus not only on the evolution of the commission, but also the artist to client relationship. Through a process of discovery, Eva is able to divine those areas of a clients psyche that speak to their vision of what exactly they are looking for in an artistic commission. Going beyond that, Eva strives to create not just artistic finishes but actual environments and this process can involve everything from accent walls to entire rooms, including the furnishings!

It is important to Eva that the finished work represent that which has meaning to the client. Please review the “Out of Africa” project under the “News and Press” link to see a great example of this in action. Whether a client has childhood memories of Africa and the commission brings Africa back to them, or fond memories of the Dakota Black Hills and the commission brings Mount Rushmore and the Buffalo herds into a special place in their home, Eva has the artistic skills and capability to do it all. Pictures tell a thousand words, so hopefully you will follow the links on this site and see for yourself!