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Y-Knot-Creations LLC Open House

Very few people get to experience the thrill (and along with it the fear and trepidation) of a journey through Drakes Passage and to ultimately make landfall on the great White Continent of Antarctica. Eva Gallant with Y-Knot-Creations, LLC. had the distinct privilege and pleasure of doing this aboard the Expedition Ship Le Boreal as she completed a conquest to set foot on all seven Continents.

Upon completing this unimaginably amazing voyage, the Captain of Le Boreal signed Eva’s First Edition copy of Alfred Lansing’s book Endurance; a white-knuckle account of Ernest Shackleton’s odyssey and voyage through the Antarctic ocean. Captain Marien left her with these deeply inspiring and touching words and many of Eva’s beautiful creations since then reflect and embody these words and this incredible milestone in Eva’s life. Stay tuned for future projects yet to be inspired by this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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