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The Nokia Project for D Home Magazine

Eva’s excitement in working with the transition of the Nokia Theater was immediate upon receiving the call from Faux Effects Dallas. After an initial meeting and discussion, Eva’s assignment proved more challenging than originally thought. The designer had a vision of a glossy black custom stencil on matte black wall that would tease the eye to the illusion of a pattern in the indirect lighting of the room. The decorative finish would be opposite the viewing area to the stage and be the back drop of the Clear Channel loge; a subtle yet inviting wall, understated and complex at the same time.

Faux Effects custom cut stencils from the complicated and detailed stencil design required for the project. The stencil paint needed to match the desired effect while also taking into account the application process and the life of the stencils.

After many different variations were tested and seeking the advice of her IDAL colleagues the formulation was settled on a Venetian Gem Clear Gloss with a custom tint.

The wall exceeded expectations and Eva was grateful and delighted by the support she received by her IDAL family and wants to convey a special thanks to Nancy Jones, Jennifer Ferguson, Mindy Harrell, and Robyn Gailey.

Special Section in D Home Magazine: “How Suite It Is”
The Nokia project was featured in the November issue of D Home Magazine with write-ups on each suite including Eva’s wall. 

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