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Sweet Suites – Faux Effects and D Home = Nokia Theatre Renovation

Creating fascinating decorative finishes from a broad pallet of colors, Eva Gallant transforms walls and cabinets into personalized masterpieces. Once completed, walls may appear to have multidimensional surfaces, and cabinets…whether in the raw or ready for a make-over, will be transformed to complement surroundings and decor.

The creative possibilities are endless and besides her dedication toward exquisite craftsmanship, Eva’s strength lies within truly listening and ultimately creating that which reflects her clients wishes. Eva is a member of the International Decorative Artisan League and has had the opportunity to learn from a select few world renowned decorative artisans the likes of Mats Carlson, Pierre Finkelstein, Gary Lord, Helen Morris, Jacek Prowinski, Melanie Royals and George Zaffle. She has also been trained and certified in many of the most popular Faux and Decorative Painting Techniques, including Faux Effects, Modern Masters, Golden, Architexture Tatoowalls and Granicrete Decorative Concrete. This association with these top manufacturers allows Eva to offer all of their discerning finishes, including murals and frescos.

Besides all of these mediums, Eva has also created her very own unique line of wall finishes inspired by real life events, people and places. Whether it is the sunset in Montana (Remains of the Day), the art deco interior of a famous restaurant in Paris (Bofinger), or the rainforest in South America (Mission – a dedication to her late father), Eva has found inspiration and been able to artfully extract from those places and impressions with all of her finishes and especially, her flagship Aurora Collection.

As an American raised and educated in Europe, Eva knew at a young age that she had a talent for expressing herself by bringing colors together in unique ways and her finishes back this up. Her art is the culmination of a lifetime of travel across six continents. All of this has provided profound inspiration to her through both the vistas of life and her experiences with the native people whom she encountered along the way. You will find these experiences reflected throughout her unique finishes.

Eva’s excitement in working with the transition of the Nokia Theatre was immediate upon receiving the call from Faux Effects, Dallas. After an initial meeting and discussion, Eva’s assignment proved more challenging that originally thought. The designer, Luis Carmona of IO-Metro, had a vision of a glossy black custom stencil on matte black wall that would tease the eye to the illusion of a pattern in the indirect lighting of the room. The decorative finish would be diametrically opposite from the viewing area to the stage and be the back drop of the Clear Channel logo; a subtle yet inviting wall, understated and yet complex at the same time.

It was necessary for Faux Effects® to custom cut four complicated and detailed stencils for the project from the design Luis had created. The stencil paint needed to match the desired effect while also factoring in the application process and the life of the stencils. After many different variations were tested, including LusterStone®, Pallet Deco™, Venetian Gem® Black Onyx, and seeking the advice of her IDAL colleagues, the formulation settled upon was a Venetian Gem® Clear Gloss custom tinted with FauxCreme Color™ Black. Eva started the project with a base of SetCoat® Black. The application of the stencil design was accomplished with a small foam roller after setting the stencil on the wall with a light spray of stencil glue.

The wall exceeded Luis’ expectations and Eva was grateful and delighted by the support she received from her IDAL family and wants to convey a special thanks to Nancy Jones, Jennifer Ferguson, Mindy Harrell, and Robyn Gailey.

Article taken from Faux Effects World Volume XI
© 2010 Faux Effects International, Inc. Publication

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