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Out Of Africa

One of the greatest challenges facing any artist is to try and position what amounts to a dream of what a completed project will look like when it does not yet exist. Eva has developed a simple strategy to achieve this and this strategy also provides a direction for the entire theme of the commission. The first step of this strategy requires a deep discussion with the client in order to find out what influences them and where their passions are; the next stage involves coming up with a plan to build an environment that reflects those influences and passions.

This leads into a recent project, deemed “Out of Africa” created in 2013. Eva’s first meeting with the client uncovered the fact that he was a very proud naturalized US citizen but there was no doubt he had left a piece of his heart back in his home country in Africa. She sensed this yearning and while it was not possible to take the client back to the land he loved, it was possible to bring Africa to him. The resulting commission is a spectacular Master Suite makeover that transformed what had previously been a very simple bedroom and bathroom into the sweeping Serengeti plains. The lone Acacia tree standing out in bas relief gives a feeling of being there and makes for a breathtaking centerpiece surrounded by fleet footed hunters chasing fleeing antelope. All of the stencil work appears just as it does in the cave dwellings of the early plains hunters who left this art for generations yet to be and the unique use of leather and skin helps bring the herds off of the walls and onto the lamp and headrest as if they are alive.

This stunning work of art is a classic example of what Eva is capable of creating by her combining of multiple artistic disciplines. This is the secret to all of Eva’s work – never relying on just one art medium but combining all of those which make sense for the project at hand.

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