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Drinking from the Master’s Cup of Inspiration

Amongst an elite group of highly regarded Decorative Painters worldwide stands Pierre Finkelstein, renowned for his outstanding work in multiple artistic disciplines. Eva Gallant with Y-Knot-Creations, LLC has had the distinct privilege to have trained under Finkelstein’s watchful eye at classes held in various US locations. At these classes, Eva learned the art of marbling and wood graining techniques to complement her repertoire and which she has incorporated into a variety of commissions.

For Eva, Finkelstein is not only a teacher but over the years has grown to become a dear friend. Indeed, it was at an instructional marbling workshop hosted by Finkelstein some years back that Eva found herself artistically stumped and unable to make those first vigorous strokes that define marble and are foundational to the project. Pierre, the ever great master, felt her reluctance and came to her side to ask a simple question; “Eva, are you a mouse or a man? You decide!” These words propelled Eva to rise above her fear and create one of her best art pieces but it also became a metaphor that she applies to the challenges, both big and small, that come about with life in general. It is as if when undecided or unsure, she feels Pierre is sitting on her shoulder, asking that same question…

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