The Gallery below has just a few examples of the Y-Knot-Creations, LLC. portfolio and the work of owner, Eva Gallant.  Decorative Finish is very difficult to explain in words because by definition, it represents an artistic discipline in which can be faithfully recreated almost any type of material or finish.  Eva has produced some incredible and fascinating decorative finishes using a broad pallet of materials and colors.  By combining different disciplines, she is able to transform walls and cabinets into personalized masterpieces.  Walls will appear to have multidimensional surfaces and cabinets (whether in the raw or ready for a makeover) will be totally transformed to complement their surroundings and decor.  
The creative possibilities are endless and to this end, Eva is dedicated to providing exquisite craftsmanship and artistic talent.  Limited only by a clients ability to dream, Eva is able to lean on one of her greatest strengths which is the ability to listen for the triggers that will inspire her to create a commission that truly reflects her clients wishes.  These planning consultations have resulted in projects that have brought walls and rooms to life and created vibrant environments with very special meaning.  
Should you wish to see actual samples, Eva is also available for color consultations by appointment at her studio in Hurst, TX and at your home or business.