Frescos & Murals

A mural is defined as any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface with the distinguishing characteristic of harmoniously incorporating the architectural elements of a given space into the final mural.  This technique has been in common use since the late 19th century andas a signature capability of Eva Gallant with Y-Knot-Creations, LLC, it is within this artistic disciple that a clients dreams can be brought to life.
While there are a number of application methods, including the somewhat controversial process of pre-painting onto canvas and then applying that to the wall, Eva's preferred medium involves stenciling and free hand and she has boldly added the 3rd dimension of Bas Relief to bring life to her mural commissions.  Also trained and certified in Tattoo Wall/Architexture application, Eva's murals merge a variety of disciplines, capped by majestic sky ceilings and accented with themed vignettes.