Aurora Collection

The Aurora is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude regions, created by the collision of charged particles of energy with atoms, high in the atmosphere. An Aurora is ever changing and unique in her reveal; her colors are spectacular and her dance, simply breathtaking.

Inspired by this phenomenon, Eva has created an entire line of decorative finishes reflecting this beauty and versatility and although the Aurora presents mostly in green, red and pink, her collection expands to a broader color spectrum with no limitations.

Eva's Aurora Collection is further inspired by real life events, people and places, whether it is the sunset in Montana (Remains of the Day), the art deco interior of a famous restaurant in Paris (Bofinger), or the rain forest in South America (Mission - a dedication to her late father).
All of Eva's creations reflect upon and artfully extract impressions from these places and events...none more so than the Aurora Collection.