About Eva Gallant

As an American raised and educated in Europe, Eva Gallant knew at a young age that she had a talent for expressing herself by bringing colors together in unique ways and creating surroundings and environments which truly reflect the wants and needs of her clients. Her keen eye, vision and ideas have no boundaries and have proven to truly reflect client individuality.  

Creating fascinating decorative finishes from a broad pallet of colors, Eva transforms walls and cabinets into personalized masterpieces. Once completed, walls may appear to have multidimensional surfaces, and cabinets, whether in the raw or ready for a make-over, will be totally transformed to complement surroundings and decor. The creative possibilities are endless and besides her dedication toward exquisite craftsmanship, Eva's strength lies within truly listening and ultimately creating that which reflects her clients wishes. 

Eva is a member of the International Decorative Artisan League (IDAL) and has had the opportunity to learn from a select few world renowned decorative artisans. She has been recognized and certified by IDAL as a Certified Stencil Artisan (CSA) having demonstrated superior ability and competency in stenciling excellence. Her work has been juried by the leaders in the decorative painting field, where only truly outstanding work passes the scrutiny of the Stenciling Certification Review Committee. Eva has also been trained and certified in many of the most popular Faux and Decorative Painting Techniques, including Faux Effects, Modern Masters, Golden and Decorative Concrete. 

Besides all of these mediums, Eva has also created her very own unique line of wall finishes inspired by real life events, people and places. Whether it is the sunset in Montana (Remains of the Day), the art deco interior of a famous restaurant in Paris (Bofinger), or the rainforest in South America (Mission - a dedication to her late father), Eva has found inspiration and been able to artfully extract from those places and impressions with all of her finishes and especially, her flagship Aurora Collection.  

Driven to new levels of creative interest inspired by recent trips to Africa and the Antarctica and recognizing the abundance of possibilities within the Decorative Concrete field, Eva has also recently incorporated Bas Relief into her repertoire as her newest and perhaps most striking artistic medium yet.